Intuitive Healings & Readings - Be MORE of Who You REALLY Are!

Intuitive Healing:   Combination of High-Frequency Energy and Merging Into Your Energy Field to assist you in moving out physical, mental or emotional pain. May also assist you in opening yourself to your own gifts and abilities.

$90/session (allow 1 to 1-1/2 hours)
Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy:  Using Dolores Cannon's advanced methodology, we work at the Theta level to obtain information from your subconscious, answering questions or receiving information to assist you in achieving your goals today.  May also be used in clearing physical issues. (Allow 3-4 hours)  

Intuitive Readings:  Tuning in to your energetic field and your Higher Self, helping you to identify and shift what is blocking you from achieving your goals or causing physical, mental or emotional pain.  May include energy work, mediumship or sound work.                
Phone Sessions Available for Intuitive Healings and Readings at No Extra Charge.


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